Dr. József Halzl passed away

Dr. József Halzl passed away
It is with heartfelt sorrow that the Rákóczi Association announces the passing away of Dr. József Halzl, the Association’s Honorary Chairman, at the age of eighty-seven years.
Domonkos Nagy - 14-11-2020

Dr. József Halzl was born in Győr on 19 December 1933. On his father’s side, his family originates from Szenc (today Senec, Slovakia); his mother was a native of Sopronkeresztúr (today Deutschkreuz, Austria). Having pursued his studies in Ács, Pannonhalma, Hatvan and Budapest, he matriculated from the II. Rákóczi Ferenc High School in Budapest. He graduated in mechanical engineering at the Budapest University of Technology in 1957, later obtaining a doctorate at the same institution.

Having participated in the Revolution of 1956 as a fifth-year student at the University of Technology, he wrote a diary as events unfolded. The diary was published following Hungary’s transition to democracy.

Pursuing his professional career in the field of energetics, he worked on research concerning thermal power stations at the Energy Research Institute (EGI) prior to democratic transition.

Between 1991 and 1994, he was leader of Hungary’s largest company as CEO of the Hungarian Electricity Works. During Hungary’s transition to a democratic political system, he actively participated in the work of the Hungarian Democratic Forum, serving as party director for a period.

He was Chairman of the Rákóczi Association between 1990 and 2018. In 2018, he was elected the Association’s Honorary Life Chairman

In addition to his work with the Rákóczi Association, his social activity included the organization of the youth community of the Városmajor Roman Catholic Parish, Budapest, from the 1980s. He was also leader of the Héra Foundation, committed to assisting the energy consumption of disprivileged households.

An expert in playing the piano himself, his life has been defined by a fondness of classical music.

Funeral honours will be provided for Dr. Halzl by the Rákóczi Association. Arrangements for the service are to be made at a later date.

Major awards:

  • János András Segner ward (1969)
  • Géza Szikla Award (1989
  • Medallion of the Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM (1991Ö
  • János Esterházy Medallion (2000)
  • Medallion of the Széchenyi Society (2009)
  • Hungarian Heritage Award (2010)
  • Commander’s Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit, Civilian’s Class (2011)
  • St. Stephen Award (Esztergom) (2013)
  • Commander’s Cross with Star of the Hungarian Order of Merit (2016)
  • St. Martin Award (2017)
  • Pro Urbe Budapest Award (2018)
  • Award for Hungarian Youth (2018)
  • Gábor Bethlen Award (2019)
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