Registration – Diaspora Weekend

Registration – Diaspora Weekend
In cooperation with the Tempus Public Foundation and with the involvement of the Rákóczi Association, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is organizing a meeting for all of the Hungarian Dispora Scholarship Programme. The meeting is to take place on the 19th-21th November weekend at the Rákóczi Hotel, Camp and Events Centre (, located in Sátoraljaújhely, capital of the Zemplén region.
Domonkos Nagy - 03-11-2021

The chief objective of the weekend meeting is to facilitate the establishment of direct relationships between yourselves. The weekend’s schedule includes both cultural and entertainment activities.

Applications may be made until Monday, 15th November 2021 at this page.

Please note, that in accordance with the regulations in effect due to the pandemic, you can only participate in the Event after presenting your personal identification document and certificate of vaccination. Failing to produce any of these documents before joining the event will, unfortunately, result in the refusal of entry so please make sure you bring these with you!

Return travel is provided by Rákóczi Association to all participants from Budapest and Debrecen. Rákóczi Association will inform you about the details of the travel after the application for the event.

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Registration for this event has been closed!