Call for application

The Rákóczi Association - at the request of the Hungarian Diaspora Council and with the support of the Hungarian Government - is once again announcing its highly successful Diaspora Program. During 2024, the program creates the opportunity for Hungarian youth between the ages of 10 and 25 living in the diaspora and for teachers working in the diaspora communities to go on a study trip to Hungary.
  1. 1. The goals of the Program:
    • Presentation of the traditions and built heritage that define Hungarian history and culture in the Carpathian Basin with experiential programs.
    • To promote the development of relations between young Hungarians living in the diaspora and with young Hungarians living in the Carpathian Basin, meanwhile contributing to the strengthen of their Hungarian identity.
    • Development of Hungarian language skills with the involvement and help of professionals.
    • Strengthening the relationship of Hungarians living in the diaspora with the motherland by creating a new kind of network, as well as setting in motion and expanding cooperation between different diaspora areas across the border and on a wider scale at the all-Hungarian level.
    • Increasing the efficiency of the quality transfer of knowledge aimed at national bond in the diaspora. Furthermore, the acquisition of extensive experience in the domestic environment, as well as the expansion of intellectual, cultural and methodological knowledge that enrichens this identity.
    • To inspire and help the Hungarians living in the diaspore regions to connect and raise awareness to their respective regional Hungarian organizations/associations.
    • Professional training of teachers working in the diaspora and strengthening their network.
  2. 2. Contents of the Programme:
  3. The Diaspora Program enlists 11 different time sloths between May and December. The participants can choose between summer camps or study trips based on their liking. The length of these programs varies from 7-10 days. If the chaperone(s) arrive as a non-participant on the above-mentioned programs, they can apply for the Összmagyar Tanártábor in the summer as a participant.
    1. 2.1 Planned program periods
    Program Date Recommended age group
    1. Pentecost 2024. May 15-22. 14-25
    2. All-Hungarian Secondary School Students’ Camp 2024. June 14-21. 14-19
    3. All-Hungarian Mother Tongue Camp 2024. July 5-12. 10-14
    4. All-Hungarian Teachers’ Camp 2024. July 12-18. only for teachers
    5. All-Hungarian Mother Tongue Camp 2024. July 19-26. 10-14
    6. All-Hungarian Secondary School Students’ Camp 2024. July 26-August 2. 14-19
    7. All-Hungarian Mother Tongue Camp 2024. August 2-9. 10-14
    8. All-Hungarian Secondary School Students’ Camp 2024. August 9-16. 14-19
    9. All-Hungarian University Students’ Camp 2024. August 16-22. 19-25
    10. All-Hungarian Secondary School Students’ Camp 2024. August 23-30. 14-19
    11. Advent 2024. December 9-17. 10-25
    2.2 The program includes the following events:
    Every program includes a fieldtrip in Budapest, in the rural parts of Hungary and also visiting one region abroad.
    Programs in Budapest:
    • Budapest sightseeing, visiting Museums
    • Budapest experiences
    • Getting to know each other
    • Strengthening the Hungarian language with fun activities
    Rural Hungary, region abroad programs:
    • excursions
    • various experiences (ie.: wine tasting, hiking, historic walks, dragon boat race)
    • dance house aka Táncház, learning folklore dances
    The summer camps take place at Sátoraljaújhely, Rákóczi Hotel, Tábor és Rendezvényközpont –
  4. 3. The pool of the applicants:
    • Youth living in the Diaspora regions:
    • The application for the Program is open to ages between 10 and 25, the applicants must participate actively (for at least 1 year), either in a Hungarian community, Hungarian weekend school, Hungarian Traditional and Cultural Association abroad or Religious association . The local Hungarian Association needs to give written proof stating that the applicant participates actively in their community. Within the framework of the Program, a person will visit Hungary once during 2024, during an arbitrarily selected program period. Minors (under the age of 18) can only be accepted in groups (5+1 people) and accompanied by an adult. In all cases, parental approval is required for the application of minors. We request a short letter of motivation from all applicants. Teachers working in the diaspora who do not come to the program as chaperones can apply for the summer Összmagyar Tanártábor. To apply, we ask teachers to provide a letter of motivation and a letter of recommendation from their respective diaspora community.
    • Chaperone
    • Who can apply as a chaperone? They are older than 25 years old and are an active participant in their respective diaspora communities (teacher, folklore dance teacher, community leader, parent, etc.), have a good communication level of Hungarian and have uploaded their motivational letter online. The application of one chaperone can be accepted for every 5 minor.
  5. 4. Financing the Program:
  6. For successful applicants, the Rákóczi Association will cover the following expenses (during the time of the program only!): accommodation, food, safety insurance, the cost of travel in Hungary, as well as the fees of museums, events,etc related to the program. After successful application, a registration fee of HUF 30,000 is required to confirm the participation. The registration fee will be refunded to the participants after the trip, if they participated in the entire period of the program. The Rákóczi Association contributes the following amounts to the travel costs of the program participants by region. The travel contribution are paid by bank transfer after the trip.
    • North America: 100.000 HUF
    • Western Europe, Israel: 20.000 HUF
    • South America: 250.000 HUF
    • Australia and New Zealand: 250.000 HUF
    • South Africa: 150.000 HUF
    Travel between the country of departure and Hungary, travel insurance, and the return trip are organized individually by the participants and accompanying persons.
  7. 5. Application and evaluation:
  8. Application Process and Evaluation Applications are open from the 15th of January 2024 until the 15th of March 2024
  9. Application Process:
  10. Participation is done individually via the website
    The applications are reviewed and evaluated by the Rákóczi Association in close cooperation with the representatives of the Hungarian Diaspora Council. Within 15 days after the closing of the application deadline, the Rákóczi Association will make a decision based on the specified conditions, the frame numbers and the order in which the applications were received. After the decision, all applicants will receive details regarding their application and its success via email.